Total control Integral 4K60 444 600MHz

HDfury integral EDID Mode Selection

EDID slide switch has 3 positions. Switch should be set to middle position to allow control via USB, IR or Bluetooth device. 

[Automix Mode]: Create EDID based on mutual least capabilities so both displays will always show a picture and audio. You can access advanced options of the Automix mode via the GUI for Windows PC and Android/iOS APP. 

[Custom Use / BT]: Pick and use EDID from a selection of preloaded EDID tables (see p.13) or load any EDID bank of your choice. By default the selected EDID table is a 4K30 4:4:4 300MHz with Full Audio capabilities. Leave the slide in this position to allow remote control via USB/IR or Android/iOS APP and/or to pick and use any of the 25 different EDID tables available (see p.13 for the full list). 

[Fixed EDID with L/R Audio]: This mode is a 1080p60 2channel stereo basic table. It can be used as a security EDID to ensure a picture in every setup/situation. 

Note: You can also switch EDID mode and any others control with IR codes, from the USB GUI for Windows PC or via smartphone/tablet APP for Android/iOS.