Total control Integral 4K60 444 600MHz

Audio Settings 

Audio slide switch has 3 positions. 
The switch should be set to the middle position to allow control via USB, IR or a Bluetooth device. 

[Audio Replaced] from 3.5mm input: HDMI output sound can be replaced by 44.1kHz (or 48kHz) audio from the 3.5mm input. In the splitter mode both HDMI outputs will offer the new replaced audio from 3.5mm jack. The S/PDIF and L/R outputs of the Integral continue to output the original HDMI audio. 

[Audio Auto /BT]: This slide switch position allows change via Bluetooth, IR or via USB. By default, it’s set to HDMI. 

[Audio from HDM]I: HDMI audio pass-through mode.