Total control Integral 4K60 444 600MHz

HDfury Integral Power/Status LED 

The HDfury Integral logo will glow Green when in use. When the Integral first receives an HDMI signal the logo will quickly turn on, then off, and then on permanently to indicate that the HDCP handshake has been completed. 

The status of the green logo may be used for troubleshooting: 

[Logo OFF]: Insufficient power or no incoming signals. Use the Integral power supply, make sure the source and sink devices are correctly connected and ON. 

[Logo BLINKING] (ON for split second, OFF for 5 seconds): The Integral is receiving power and is ready to accept an HDMI signal.

[Logo ON]: The Integral is powered and receiving and decoding a HDMI signal.

Reset HPD (Short Press) or Reset to factory default (Long Press)

The 4K Integral offers 2 functions per push button. 

[Short Press] on Reset Button will generate Hot Plug Detection event. 

[Long Press] (over 10s for security) will reset the Integral to factory default. 

Note: You can also Reset the unit or perform any others control with IR codes, from the USB GUI for Windows PC or via smartphone/tablet APP for Android and iOS.